Blockchain Service
Announcement: Covalent will hold a IDO on the 29. Apr. The IDO will happen on CoinList. (Details)
- Option 1: $0.35 per token, no lockup, $500 maximum
- Option 2: $0.3 per token, 12 monthly releases, $1,000 maximum
- Option 3: $0.25 per token, 24 monthly releases, $1,500 maximum

Blockchains provides a new frontier of development for enterprises, consumers and software developers. Due to its decentralized architecture, immutable ledger and highly secure framework, applications of the technology will impact industries ranging from finance and retail to personal identity and cryptocurrency.
Token sale completed on 03 May
$5,700,000 $14,440,000 39%
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Token Sale: 29 April — 03 May
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